Wheely 7 Game

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Family life is completely different from dating and Wheely had to learn that the hard way. Remember, he fell in love with a cute car named Jollie in the last chapter? After all the hardships and troubles, the two finally stay together and decide to get married. Who can blame them? Love is a powerful feeling and once it enters your life there is nothing you can do to stop it. So our heroes surrendered to the power of love and formed a new automotive family that was destined to spend the rest of their lives together. But, as often happens, the marriage routine begins to spoil the fairy tale. You know those women. There is always something that makes them unhappy. Wheely found out everything a married man should know about the fickleness and hysteria of women. This time, the argument had a pretty common reason. Jollie wants a new set of wheels. After all, another season has begun and her old wheels are out of style now! Wheely didn't want to spend the family budget on such nonsense, but after a stream of tears, he gave up and made his way to the nearest auto shop. Well, if you thought finding the right wheel for Jollie would be easy, you'd be sorely mistaken! When you figure out how she describes it to her husband, the hairs on the back of your neck will stand on end! To discover such a wheel, you would have to make a fairly long trip around town or maybe even further. And as always, Wheely is about to encounter various obstacles and puzzles on his way. But don't worry, with your help our hero will complete each level of moving roadblocks, repair pipes and fight bullies who want to make him crash. Click the left mouse button to perform any action. Game Wheely 7 detective part and Whally herself are also controlled by clicking. To make him move, just click on the car and repeat the click to stop him. The controls are quite easy, but the current mission is not so simple! Use your brain and find logical solutions to pass each level in search of a necessary wheel!

In Wheely, the controls are fairly straightforward and easy to use. Here ’s a breakdown of the controls:

  • Use your mouse to play

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