Wheely 4 Game

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In a quiet idyllic town far away, there lived a cute four-wheeled girl named Wheely 4 part. This is a charming red bug that loves adventure and takes every opportunity to hit the road for another trip. This time, he is about to cross the boundaries of time and space and find himself in the past, where he has some work to do. It all started when our hero broke his wheel and went to an auto service where one of his friends happened to work. But during this completely safe and unremarkable ride, something goes wrong and Wheely is pulled into a time vortex. Now he's in a place he saw for the first time and doesn't know how to get out of here. Time to lend our poor car a hand! The floors are built as usual, including a system of switches and levers that control the entrance to the next positions. Knowing how they work is crucial to Wheely's progress. However, figuring it out will require some logical thinking. You may not even succeed on the first shot. Don't be sad, keep thinking and you will find the right answer! This game is great at developing your problem-solving skills and who knows, maybe, they will even be useful in real-life situations! The farther our best friend in our favorite car goes, the more difficult it becomes to pass the level. Well, who said it would be easy? The difficulty will only make you stronger and give your mind a better workout while solving all those puzzles! And Wheely will eventually be able to get a fix at the car service. Miss? His wheels still hurt, so hurry up!

How to play?

In Wheely, the controls are fairly straightforward and easy to use. Here ’s a breakdown of the controls:

  • Use your mouse to play

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